Our greatest gift in life is to be healthy and free of disease for ourselves and families. I am blessed to have a career of helping others achieve those goals. My company Energenx LLC is the next natural step to expanding those ideas utilizing state of the art comprehensive custom formulas and lifestyle programs. Energenx formulas are an evolution in supplementation conceived from decades of research in the clinical setting. Being a martial artist and clinician for 28 years has given me the insight needed to make sure our formulas are focused with your needs in mind. Whether you are an athlete or not, you can be assured of the results our Energenx formulas provide. Focused nutrition providing support for your every activity. From my perspective, if you have not been an athlete in training or a clinician with years of experience in functional medicine and nutrition, how can you trust just any supplement or supplement company's formulas. The answer is you cannot. Our achievement is and always will be cost effective, uncompromining purity. I hope you try our formulas and lifestyle programs. There are more formulas to come and we appreciate your business. Follow us on social media. We welcome your feedback and any special requests.

Yours in good health,
James Stivaly, LMT
Founder Energenx LLC